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Fifth Graders Turn Into Historical "Wax" Figures

Fifth Graders Turn Into Historical "Wax" Figures

North fifth graders in Ms. Amy Haber's class recently participated in a fun and informative "wax museum" project. 

At the start of the project, the fifth graders used an online research tool to read various biographies about famous historical people that changed the world for the better. 

After choosing the individual they wanted to portray in the wax museum, the students read a book to research that particular person. 

They then created a timeline, wrote a script and spent time rehearsing the script. 

Each student, dressed as their historical figure, had a name plate and a "switch," and when pressed it turned the historical figure "on."

Just some of the historical figures represented in the wax museum were Walt Disney, Coco Channel, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Thomas Jefferson, Mozart, Amelia Earhart, John F. Kennedy, John Adams and Martin Luther King Jr. 

Ms. Haber said the students enjoyed learning about all of the different individuals and listening to their classmates tell their story. 


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