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Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC)

BPAC Dates for 2024-2025

BPAC is an acronym for Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee.

Making decisions together for the betterment of our students

BPAC is a group of District 62 family and community members. The goal of this group is to collect:

  • Information

  • Dialogue on selected topics

  • Planned decisions to support our students

All of the meeting are held at from 6pm - 8pm at our Early Learning Center (ELC).

1375 S. 5th Avenue
Des Plaines, IL 60018
August NA
September 9/19/2024
October 10/24/2024
November 11/21/2024
December Join us at the Des Plaines tree lighting ceremony
January NA
February 2/20/2025
March 3/20/2025
April 4/17/2025
May 5/15/2025

ISBE Bilingual Parents Summit & Video Library

Photo of a family walking into Forest school for BPAC
Photo of a student interacting with a teacher

David Carillo

Estrategías para mejorar la comunicación para apoyar la salud mental de sus hijos.

BPAC Slideshow

Photo of Libby and Anel at the Public Library
Young male and female students are sitting on their knees while showcasing what they have created behind a projector screen with coral reef and fish swimming.
Two girls are putting their heads in a cutout featuring an engineer and a fireman. The cutout is accompanied by a sign that says %221893 Engine 999: World's Fastest Train.%22
Students are watching two students presenting while the projector screen displays the word %22Weather.%22
There is a walkway with illuminated screens displaying various images for learning purposes.
A student is writing on the walkway with chalk, accompanied by other students.
Women are sitting at a table, holding paintbrushes, and painting butterflies.
Three girls are near a station dedicated to measuring air pressure.
Students are sitting on the grass.
Two students are presenting about volcanoes on the projector screen.
A girl is smiling while holding a paper cutout of butterflies.
A group of girls is smiling together with a pool visible behind them.
Four women wearing green shirts are smiling.
A girl is holding four crafts that she made.
A door is surrounded by white, blue, and green balloons, with silver balloons displaying the text %22University Parent 2024.%22
A girl is holding a paintbrush in her hand, with a small canvas on the table. The canvas has a painted butterfly on it. There are also other paintings on the table.
There is a parent art session taking place, where parents are painting either a butterfly or a fly.
Three girls are smiling in the swimming pool.
Two students are presenting while the projector screen displays the word %22Transportation.%22
A group of parents is gathered for parent ESL  classes.
Female parents are sitting at the table for the parent art session, painting butterflies.
Parents are grouped together, smiling and engaged in conversation during the parent ESL classes.
First page of the PDF file: Ages11-181
A young boy is smiling while in the swimming pool, accompanied by another boy who is swimming.
At the parent art session, four female parents are painting butterflies.
One boy and two girls are in the swimming pool, with two of them sitting in a round floaty.
A young girl is engaged in building something using LEGO pieces.
Young students are coloring and drawing at a large table with many Crayola crayons.
Many adults are seated for Dr. David Carrillo's session.
Young students are imitating the poses displayed on the projector screen, which is showing animations.
Parents in ESL classes for adults are wearing pictures attached to their heads.
Parents are seated at various tables in the classroom while a presenter conducts a session on credit unions specifically designed for parents.
First page of the PDF file: Ages11-18